BomeBox and CTRL program for Ipad

Hi Florian and Steve, unfortunately the CTRL program does not have the possibility to deactivate RTP-Midi, the only two things that can be set in general for the Midi are the channel and the type of message (in my case the Program Change), as well as the program change number under each button. It is for this reason that in practice I had to. quit this program (CTRL) and switch to TouchOsc for Ipad. For OSC messages also for me they should go undisturbed, and in one case (through the Wifi of BomeBox) they did not work. For the tests I used both Protokol and also Osculator. The first allowed me to check both the Midi and OSC protocols, the second only OSC, this for correctness to make it clear that the test was conducted with the aid of reliable controls. All this to help any reader who wants to understand more (this is also the purpose of the forums).
Thanks again.
Dario Ghidoni
P.S. Just to make it clear I am a 64 year old sound engineer who has been working in this industry for 46 years. I started at 17 in a recording studio.

Yes, I’m not sure how you iOS apps connect using OSC. If you set up an OSC server on PC or MAC, it should work, In this regards BomeBox would be a simple network router and OSC traffic should pass through untouched, but other than generic packet routing, BomeBox would do nothing else. Maybe the iOS application is expecting the MIDI and OSC server to be on the same host which would not be the BomeBox.

Thanks for the update!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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