Bomebox and IConnectivity

I am using Bome Translator Pro and 2 x IConnectivity : MIOXL and MIOXM.
Il plan to buy a BomeBox and migrate the process in Translator to it.
From what I understand I can connect the Daw USB connection from my MIOXL to the USB Host of BomeBox, but I am puzzled with the fact that, in this situation, I will no more be able use the Daw USB connection to manage my MIOXL with Auracle from my PC.
How could IConnectivity 's Auracle running on my PC still access MIOXL ?
Thanks for clarification.

Thanks for your question. I’m not sure how mioXL communicates with Auracle, so I’m not sure if connecting your mioXL to the host port of BomeBox will allow that communications. If mioXL communicates via MIDI via one if it’s USB device ports than there might be a way to do it as any MIDI device hooked up to the BomeBox as a host should be seen by Bome Network as all USB devices attached to BomeBox are exposed over Bome Network.

I don’t have a mioXL but perhaps I can try it with my iConnectivity MIDI4+ and see if Auracle works. I’ve not had much luck with using the Auricle software however as sometimes the screens go haywire. I put mi 4+ on the shelf since I got my BomeBox as I was only using it for MIDI and not its audio linking capabilities.

Also BomeBox is MIDI only so Audio Connections over USB will not be exposed by BomeBox.

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My iConnectivity MIDI4+ was recognized through BomeBox, however there was nothing to change Audio routes in Auracle.

My iConnectivity Audio4+ was not recognized by either BomeBox or through BomeBox to my computer

If you are simply needing additional DIN ports I would thing something like the Blokus MIDIHub would work for 4 more ports and there are also some more generic (less expensive solutions. I have similar to this and it works fine but most of the time I don’t use it because I’m not almost exclusively USB MIDI and network MIDI (using Bome Network). Of course, you might need more than 1 depending on the number of DIN ports you require.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks @SteveC for answers.
MIOXL and MIOXM are midi only and Auracle is limited to it.
I am not needing more midi ports but want to have less cpu load on my PC already used to run Fishman Triple Play using some hungry midi VSTs, my idea is to move Translator to BomeBox.
I am not interested in MidiHub which can’t run same process as Translator and has many limitations.

I could certainly connect mi MIOXL using ethernet to the PC to manage it, I already used it, but this imply that I run RTP-Midi on the PC, so I would add with one hand what I am removing with the other in term of CPU load.

From previous thread here I was believing that Auracle for X-Series would run through Bomebox ?

But you say that

So I am disappointed, from time to time I need to be able to run Auracle to change routes, filters and mapping then saving presets, without having to unplug the Iconnectivity Device USB from BomeBox to plug it in the PC, then back.

I connect Auracle in my Mac to the MioXM entirely through Ethernet. I leave my BomeBox connected to the USB To Host port on the MioXM, except when I test a new version of my Translator program, when I connect the Mac to the To Host port until I’ve finished testing.

I’ve found this setup quite reliable.

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Thanks for this info, unfortunatelly I am on W10 (and may be sooner than later W11) and I have to install the RTP-midi driver, where Mac has it native ( … I know… but more than 30 years of Windows, born with Bill G. :wink: ), and it adds some load on the PC that I have tuned to remove any useless load…

I have to mesure the load gain of moving Translator Pro from PC to BomeBox and add the RTP-midi driver. Not easy without buying a BomeBox.

MIDI4+ has Audio (not input or output just routing between attached hosts) and I don’t think mioXM does so this shouldn’t be a problem. I think you should be able to achieve MIDI routes through Auracle, however but I have no way to test this since i don’t have a MioXM

You won’t need RTP-MIDI Driver with BomeBox as it runs Bome Network. You will need the Bome Network tool, however.

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Auracle has excellent midi routing and filtering capabilities.

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Yes and I have a huge config on my 2 x MIOxx and appreciate the possibility to switch from one preset to another from my midi controller pressing one switch and instantely reconfiguring routing. So I don’t want to spend weeks reconfiguring all this.
They just lack some duplicating/filtering features … I found in Bome Translator Pro.

The combination of BomeBox, Midi Translator Pro (for developing the “programs”) and MioXM has been absolutely dynamite. I have a highly customized keyboard and recording rig, which I have incredible control over, due to this excellent technology.