BomeBox API


I saw a recent request to get access to the Linux SubSystem, and that a bit of time I was thinking about how can I interact with the box from an external system?

That bring to my mind the following Feature Request.

Use case can be anything :
- from interacting from IOT to switch preset, change routing, from a IOT (or a tablet through a website) …
- having an external WEB interface that can aggregate multiple Bomebox
- Integrate none Midi Device into the Studio and BomeBox ecosystem

Probably not a top priority but a good way to expose functionnality in a safe way (and encourage community to push futher the product)



Hi Michael,
welcome to our forum, and thank you for these suggestions!

There are already numerous possibilities to change routing and presets, and load other project files, from within MIDI Translator project files inside the BomeBox. That makes it possible to use any MIDI trigger or attached HID keyboard to be used for such switching capability.

A web API sounds like a nice idea. At the moment, we don’t have a plan for that, but the internal web config does use a web API, so maybe it’s enough to publish the specification for it so that 3rd parties can create new kinds of web applications for the BomeBox, like the suggested multi-BomeBox controller.

I don’t understand what you mean with that?



As of know what I have in mind is to create an GUI to route anything to anything in the studio.

I have a studio split in 3 different area with each containing synth, BAR and multiple sequencer split between those 3 zones, each containing a Bomebox, so while I’m waiting for direct port connect between Bomebox :wink: , I need to figure out a interface that can allow me to dynamically create like mod matrix on which I can select any source to any destination (looking at everything that exist on the market I can’t find any midi device that can do that the closest is the sipario X).

And I’m pretty sure big studio or stage can have some interesting similar needs.

By none midi device we can imagine all sort of IOT, tablet to act as a remote controller for the Bomebox

Hope it’s more clear


Hi Michael, that sounds fantastic! I’ll PM you for a follow-up.