BomeBox (b-stock) network connection problems

I have just recieved my Bomebox (b-stock) - I have now spend 3 hours trying to set it up without any success. When I first connected to it, it appeared as it should. But then I tried merge my Bome and internet network - followed the instructions. When I tried to set it up - the bomebox dissapeared - couldn’t connect to it. Then I tried a network reset {serial}_reset_network.txt , which at first seemed to work and it makes the bomebox appear in my wifi network list again. But when I choose it nothing happens can’t connect… can’t connect to the settings page in the browser… I wanted to do a factory reset but it seems that I can only do it from the browser which I cannot connect to… when i try to connect i get the exclaimation mark in the wifi sympol - I’m on a Mac… Please help Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome back and thanks for your purchase! I’m sorry you are having problems!

Please let me know how you intend to use it. For instance are you planning to use it on your existing local wired network and then use the WiFi for use with devices that are not wired, allowing them to access the internet through our BomeBox? If so, you will want to set up wired as a DHCP client (the default) and wireless as an access point (not the default). They will essentially be on the same network as assigned by your local router.

By default, wired is a DHCP client and Wireless is a Hotspot and the two are never connected. With a Hotspot, you connect to your BomeBox by it’s designated SSID (i.e. ‘BomeBox’) and your WiFi network uses it’s own designated SSID if it has WiFi.

As an access point, the DHCP server on your local network router will assign your BomeBox both a WiFi address and a wired address. Devices without WiFi should access the device through the ethernet address and WiFi only devices will access through the WiFi address.
If you are not connected to ethernet and try to access WiFi as an access point, it will not work since the DHCP server assigns the addresses in this configuration.

Again, please provide detail on how you would like things connected and we will be able to assist further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Okay I have actually made an illustration of my setup for my own purpose - but might as well use it here makes it easier to explain :))

So I have used Midi Translator to make a midi mapping where my mixer DJM-T1 controles the effects on the SP-404 through my MPC, The reason is that the effect changes is then saved on my MPC… So I wan’t to put this mapping and others on the bomebox without having the need for a computer.

When the computer is on I wan’t it to sync to ableton live and other software…

This is my intent - but now I can’t connect to the Bomebox :slight_smile: I’m not sure what’s the best setup, but if I could extent my network with the bomebox I think it would be nice not having to go off the internet. If you know what I mean.


Not much (if anything) network related here. I guess my key question is how will you be accessing the BomeBox to upload your project file?

If via ethernet, then simply use the ethernet client (default) on your local network and upload from whatever computers you have connected.

If via WiFi, then simply use WiFi as a Hotspot and connect to the SSID of your BomeBox via WiFI at the default WiFi address of using the SSID you assigned your BomeBox (BomeBox by default).

Depending on how you have your computers set up, you may need to switch networks on your computer. If you have a computer with both ethernet and WiFi, I would use ethernet and use the Bome Network tool to discover the BomeBox. If your device is WiFi only then make sure WiFi is enabled on the BomeBox (pressing the WiFi button) and connect to the SSID from whatever computer or portable device you use to connect via WiFi.

If connecting a computer, running Ableton Live, the computer will just need to be on the same network that you are connecting to.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Ah ok sorry for not being more clear… I will use Wifi to connect. But the problem is I connot connect to the bomebox. I would like to reset it - but I can’t even though I tried to make a WIFI reset… so I am not sure what to do from here?

OK, so I assume you tried a network reset as it shows on page 28 of the instructions.

The most common issues are

  1. Using leading Letter ‘O’ instead of number ‘0’.
  2. Not enough leading characters or too many.
  3. When creating a file in Windows, instead of a .txt extension you have a .txt.txt extension. This happens if you have Windows Explorer hide filename extensions.
  4. Not having WiFi turned on

Are you seeing the SSID when trying to connect? Do you ever get to either a network password or BomeBox password prompt. By default the network password is blank after a network reset. The BomeBox password only gets changed if you do a password reset.

Also, if none of the above works, try a different USB thumb drive.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi, any progress?