BomeBox compatible MIDI Interface Recommendations

I'm constantly reconfiguring my rig.
On one data route I am using an M-Audio MIDISport 4x4 interface plugging into a hub->BomeBox.

This device is unreliable and I'm looking to replace it.

I don't like using multiple single USB/MIDI Interfaces such as Roland UM-ONE because the 'order' they respond to changes with power up...or something-something like that.  So I'm definitely looking for at least a 2x2 or 4x4, and something that is physically thinner than 1U.

I'm looking at a mio2, but I'm not confident about their devices because they *require* Windows 10 on some of their devices (not the mio2 currently) for the config software to work.  And ultimately they do more than I need - I just need an interface. (All filtering and routing is done via BomeBox because everything I do gets routed through there)

Suggestions from the populace?
What do you use?

I know I probably asked this years ago before getting my MIDISport, but the market has changed.
Sorry if my query is bothersome.  ;)

Well this is what I got a few years ago. I also have an iConnectivty 4+ but it was much more expensive and with a BomeBox it was a bit of over kill.  I'm sure there is something like this available.  Make sure it says "class compliant". I'm pretty  sure all of the iConnectivity devices (mio) are but pretty sure the MIDI-Sport 4x4 is not.

If it requires special drivers for Windows or Mac, that is the first tip that it is not class compliant.


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My Mio10 worked well in this capacity, and is for sale.

I heavily considered using ESI product. It has the blessing of the manufacturer and is quite smart in a “less bells and whistles” way, although like the mio10 there are more ports than you require.

my next step will be to incorporate some self-built USB interfaces using $5 “blue pill” arduino knock-offs and free firmware from TheKikGen on Github. 3x3, USB class compliant, can be set to use different USB device names per unit (to avoid the issue you mentioned with the UNO,) Sysex-friendly, gangable into larger “clusters” which act like larger routers, and can be built into whatever chassis you like. I did test this with the BomeBox, and it passed the rudimentary tests I fed it.

MIDISport 4x4 is class compliant
At least the one I have is - I’ve been using it with my BomeBox for awhile (measured in years I think). :slight_smile:

But yeah: definitely looking at class compliant, but I find (annoyingly) that manufacturers will put in Class Compliant, and it is Class Compliant, but they assume you’re going to use it with a computer so they put things like it requires PC/Mac even when it doesn’t. [eyeroll]

So the Amazon link: I’ve never heard of that brand. I’m normally wary of non-mainstream brands when it comes to something as important as this, but always open to entertaining options when people I know/trust have had positive experiences. Has it worked well for you?

The ESI looks nice, but I fear it might be a bit too ‘tall’.
My BomeBox, USB Hub, a Kenton Thru box, and ultimately the MIDI interface will all be attached to a rack shelf. (The first 3 bits already are) The shelf has to reside on the top of the rack.

I guess I have a bit more space because OMLOG: each port can be In or Out?!? Brilliant!
Thanks for this recommendation!

Your homebrew option sounds delicious.
I don’t have the brain cells and abilities to do that. Or rather, if I attempted it, everything else I’m trying to do would stagnate while I got frustrated figuring all that stuff out.

If you have an extra prototype and need a tester, I can usually break things! LOL

Re: Mio10 - That’s WAY overkill for me, since much of what I use now is USB MIDI. Heck, I feel like I have way too many synths and I have no use for 8 DIN Ports!

Plus their configuration software for it no longer works with Windows 7, right?
but it was the one I had my eye on last summer. How much you asking and where are you? (I’m in Canada)

I’m in Canada as well (Vancouver), so that’s convenient.
I can’t answer your Win7 questions, although I’d share your concerns. It is class-compliant, but if I remember there was configuration required to make it act like an offline router vs Daw interface.
Is there a way to share personal contact info through this forum?

Yay, Canada!
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Well I got it and did some testing and it worked well but to be honest, both my iConnectivity and this have been turned off for a while since most of my devices support USB. I really now only need the BomeBox for my Hammond SK2 which doesn’t have USB MIDI port so the single port on the BomeBox suffices. I also have a FCB-1010 footswitch but I can cascade that through my Hammond SK2 because that is the device I usually use it with.

USB MIDI is nice, but I love my 90s romplers and I’d miss 2 full ports on the Pyramid.