Bomebox DIN not routing to NET

Hi there,

I am sending Midi Notes via the BomBox DIN input into Bomebox, and set two midi routes from DIN to DIN and from DIN to my Computer Host via Ethernet. On the DIN output I have a iRig Midi2 plugged in my Iphone using the protokol app, where I can see that the the midi messages are routed through. On my Computer OSX I have Midi Monitor running and no message arrives. It worked before, not sure what happened. can you help?

I have no alias set to my computer host, do I have to take care on aliases? I have never set them manually.

cheers henrik


If your BomeBox is connected to more than one device make sure you pick the right network. On your Mac, the incoming port name should be the name of your BomeBox.

Here is what my routing on my BomeBox looks like from MIDI DIN to my Gaming PC.

The ports look like this.

On my Gaming PC I can open the input port ‘BomeBoxB’ (in my case) to view incoming MIDI traffic.


If you don’t see your BomeBox on your Mac, you may need to disconnect and re-connect it.

Please check that you are running the latest firmware version on your BomeBox.

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Hi Steve,

thanks for your answer! I didn’t see that the network tool needed to reconnect for some reason.

in the network tool, when do I need the midi router options?
Screenshot 2024-03-07 um 14.17.02

and what are the remote direct options below?

Screenshot 2024-03-07 um 14.06.09

and in the web config, do I need to touch any alias settings if i’m constantly working with one bomebox and one computer host?

cheers henrik

I assume MIDI63 is your BomeBox so you don’t need anything there. These are automatic routes created when you make the network connection.

For your second question, these are Remote Direct MIDI ports available. If you use them on your Mac, you will not need to put any routes on your BomeBox as your Mac will access them directly. See this tutorial that discusses Remote Direct MIDI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: