BomeBox Dlive S7000 Scene Recall +Select

Hey everyone
I have a Dlive S7000 and control the scenes via a BomeBox with Ableton Live withe the Bank and Number. The dLive MIDI TCP/IP Reference Table – v1.90 gives the data on which scene is which command. It is working. Unfortunately, I only see the play button for the scene on the Dlive when the scene is Cuet. The scene is not automatically selected and the scene table does not move with it like Normal. Is there an extra midi command over the Bomebox, where the scene cuet and automatically turns yellow? So a Select Midi command, so to speak? Or is there a setting that means that when the scene number is cued, the table behaves like it does when you press the Go button? Yellow Selectet and Green the next scene? Because then is the Function over BomeBox TCP not Working because you want to see in Which Scene You are when you press Ableton Scene for example 102 is cuet but you scene List doesnt Move or the Cuet Scene is not Select… Someone Same Problems?

Many thanks for the help.

Hi, perhaps you can use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to monitor the MIDI data coming from Ableton Live to make sure it is correct. I don’t have a dLive to test with but you should get something like this:

BB 00 00
CB 00

This is assuming your dLive is running on base MIDI Channel 12 and that you are selecting scene 1.

For scene 102 it should be:

BB 00 00
CB 64

There should be no other MIDI messages between the commands.

If you are using a project file, I could look at that also.

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Did you get this working?