BomeBox for sale?

Not sure whether this forum is an acceptable place for this post… feel free to slap my wrist if you must, admins.

I own four BomeBoxes and will be replacing one of them with a MacMini and BomeNetwork. I’m considering reselling the bbox and figured someone on this forum might be interested?

Just gauging interest. Happy to take the conv. offline. I am in the Vancouver, BC Canada metro if that is useful to anyone.


This is probably not a good forum for selling stuff. But your offer is polite and respectful, so no problem keeping it here.

I usually use craigslist to sell my used stuff. Sometimes eBay if you don’t mind paying commissions.

Thanks both.

I rely on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace heavily… but everyone here knows the value already.

In any case I’ll post no more except to set up external communication should anyone be interested.

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