Bomebox "forgets" what MTP Project is live (on power-up)


When power cycling, my Bomebox sometimes fails to load my translator project, meaning i have to turn on my computer and open the web config and activate it. I currently power it off along with all my other gear using a central power switch. Maybe that’s causing the issue? I seem to recall this sometimes happened when i first just had it plugged in and powered 24/7.

Is there a best practice on powering on/off? Would i maybe be better off just having the bomebox powered all the time?

I’m experiencing exactly the same problem.

I estimate about 1/3 of the times I power on the BomeBox, it fails to select and start the project that was running when I powered down.

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I’m sorry you are having troubles! Could you please post me the version of the BomeBox Firmware you are running? You can find that in the main settings screen of the BomeBox.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve!

Sure thing:
Firmware: 1.5 (2021-05-31 13:31)
Hardware: MT-BBOX12-0103-36802

I’m on:

Firmware: 1.5 (56219)
Hardware: MT-BBOX12-0103-36728


Florian has been out so I think he is now back. I’ve not seen this before on any BomeBox so I alerted him and asked for his advice on how to proceed.

Maybe backup your BomeBox and download copies of the projects you want to keep. Then do a factory reset, reload the firmware and then restore to original settings and re-upload the project files you saved and see if this helps.

Again, this is something that I have not yet seen but my theory is maybe the firmware update did not complete correctly and that doing a factory reset and installing it again may help.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

sorry to read about this trouble from both of you. To me, it doesn’t seem likely that this is a flash memory failure. The OS is stored in flash memory, too.

Could you please send me the output of the Log (see BomeBox web config Main menu) after this happens again? That might give me a clue what could be happening. And please send me (per private message or email) your project file that you’re using? I remember a case where a huge project file was seemingly not loaded at boot time. However, it took a few minutes for loading the project file, and during that, the currently loaded file is not reported in the web config.


Curiously, after I updated my project and reconfigured (simplified) the routing and (I assume especially) rewrote the names of the mappings that auto-initialize when ports are open, the problem occurs much less frequently. It does still happen.

I will capture the log next time I experience this.

Just to check back: have you ever experienced this problem?
Do you remember the kinds of names which you renamed in the project file?
Is it a big project file?
Do you have a copy of the problematic project file for us to inspect?

DJG Midi 2022-07-14.bmtp (75.1 KB)

Hi @FlorianBome,

In fact, the problem still happens. At that point, if I restart the BomeBox by power cycling it, it does not happen again. I suspected the issue has to do with the timing of when my other gear (primarily the MioXM) come up. However, when I access the BomeBox via the web, the project is not selected. Selecting it also seems to eliminate the problem.

I renamed the ports, which did seem to make the problem somewhat less frequent.

I’ve attached the project file here for your review.