Bomebox may be slowing down over USB

I’m using a Squarp Pyramid as my main sequencer. I control about half my gear with 5-pin din, and about half over USB using Bome Box to route the midi where it needs to go.

Lately I’ve been trying to use the CC LFO tools in the Pyramid, and I noticed that when I send a fast LFO, or more than one LFO to an instrument over usb, the instrument starts to fall behind, including playing notes after I hit stop on the main sequencer. I don’t get this issue with the 5-pin din synths, and I don’t get this issue when I plug the Pyramid directly into my computer to control soft synths, so I think it may have something to do with the bome box?

I took a little video. Hopefully this shows what’s going on. The drums are being controlled over 5-pin din out of the pyramid and behave as expected.
The synth is being controlled over USB through the bome box.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Are you using a project file on the BomeBox? What does your BomeBox MIDI routing look like? What version of BomeBox firmware is running?

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I had been using a project file, but I disabled it while I was troubleshooting and still got the issue.
I’m on firmware 1.5.4, so I think I’m up-to-date.
This is what my midi routings look like:

Well, my guess is you have a MIDI loop somewhere. Maybe one of the synths it taking the output on one port and looping it back somewhere. I would suggest you disable all unnecessary ports and then add them back one at a time until you see the problem. Then for that synth see if there is a setting to ensure it doesn’t have MIDI thru path that might end up back somewhere in the mix causing a MIDI loop.

If you want me to try to duplicate the problem, because it doesn’t go away after temporarily disabling paths , then disable all paths that are not being used so that we can narrow it down to just the minimum paths that show the problem.

Again, it is more than likely some sort of MIDI loop.

I know you said it does not occur when hooking directly to a PC, but are you using that many connections in that environment as well?

Also if some of you device have both BomeBox DIN and USB connected, that could be problematic depending on the device and how it works internally.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks for the help. You definitely let me know where you start troubleshooting and I greatly appreciate it. I think I found the culprit, and it’s the 1010 tangerine nanobox.

Is there a way to monitor what midi messages are going through the Bome Box and where they’re coming from? I’d love to confirm that it’s sending some extra midi so I can hopefully bring it to their attention.

Thanks again,


You can create a new route between your tangerine nanobox and the main network port to your computer on your BomeBox. Then you can monitor the traffic generated from your tangerine nanobox on your computer using Bome MIDI Translator Pro or any other MIDI monitoring application.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks. I think I say this every time I post here, but I love the bome box, and I couldn’t be happier with how fast you respond to questions. FWIW, I recommend you guys every chance I get.

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