BomeBox MIDI Interface Thread on old Forum...?

Y'all started one on the old forum, but it didn't seem to get very far.

I did a stupid and didn't verify an interface I wanted was class compliant and now I'm the proud owner of a brand spankin new MOTU micro lite paperweight.

So - what *QUALITY* USB/MIDI Interfaces are people using? Preferably with more than 2 ports...? (more like 4 or 5?) Hell, I'd be happy with a rackmount 8 port interface even since I'm not a desktop device aficionado.

Note: I do lots of stupid things, but once in awhile I get something brilliant going...but mostly just stupid. (eyeroll)

PS: Old forums were better & hey you kids, git offa mah lawn.

I use the Iconnectvity4+ 4×4. It works great for me. Allows for 4 conventional midi ports (4 in and 4 out) plus 8 USB Midi class compliant, plus network midi (which I do not use). I think total of 16 port each of course with 16 midi channels.

Thanks for your response, Steve!

I’ve never used anything from iConnectivity and have dismissed their gear as part of the consumer model rather than the physical and data resiliency for performing musicians.

How rugged would you say the device is?
And how resilient is the operation in your opinion?

Anyone have any specific experience with the M-Audio MIDISport 4×4 (Anniversary Edition apparently)?

I noted on the old forum that the 2×2 works.
Kind of need the 2 extra ports for my application. 🙂

(Yes, it is Class Compliant…but I’m stupid and fear I’m overlooking ‘yet another thing’)

I could probably through it out my second story of my house and it would survive. I would never to that though 😉
I found a great deal on ebay. Got it for about the price of a 2×2. It has really made my life simpler. I run everything throug it and since
it handles dual hosts (not simultaneously though as far as I can tell). I set it up so I can host it on my PC with BMT or on my Bome box.
I have an 8 port powered hub running into the iConnectivity coming from all of my usb midi devices.

CreepyPants, re the PS — we hear you! What is the #1 thing you like better in the good old forum? (feel free to also post #2, #3, … )
We ran the forum for 12 years, and we were having quite some issues with SPAM and hacking. We try to improve the Q&A so that eventually, nobody will want to look back…

We do have one here for testing and it works as expected. It’s very simple but that can be a feat, too…

we also have a couple of iConnectivity devices here for testing and they’re solid and the newer models work well in general. I find the setup app a bit confusing, but YMMV.

Please understand that being an old fart who has been on the Internet long before there was a World Wide Web I’m particularly cranky about change. heh heh

That being said, the old forums (to me) instilled a sense of community – familiarity with other posters – almost like an online User Group. From mindless scrolling through random posts while I wasn’t looking for a particular solution to something, I’d find some interesting techniques or approaches that helped me learn more about MTPro and possible applications.

Of course, I’m aware of my cranky/don’t like change bit and fully understand the issues with SPAM & hacking and happy to give this a chance. If I come up with a specific suggestion, I’ll be happy to share. Until then, I will probably answer in the wrong spot, post the wrong things, etc. Please forgive me. 🙂 (Oh, and I’m going to add strange tags to things, because I’m Creepy)

Thanks Florian!

Seems USB/MIDI Interfaces aren’t such a ’thing’ anymore.
Don’t like change! LOL
But I love my old rackmounts – wish they still made synths like that.

Thanks you Steve & Florian!

There is more value in personal experience between people whose applications are similar over random Google searches and Support Forums for the devices in question.

Sincerely appreciate your feedback!

hi bome and people,

i’m very excited to say that after some initial tests, the eMagic AMT8 works with the bome box. this seems too good to be true. if it is true, this is a big “fuck you!” to Apple Computers, Inc., who bought eMagic and ceased support for it on anything but Macs with imprisoning software. (find your own source to confirm the tyranny and join the boycott if you will.)

i’ve been using the iConnectMIDI4+ and iConnectMIDI2+ with the bome box for about 4 months. they work, but setup for these interfaces is very confusing.

i would greatly appreciate if someone out there could do their own tests with the eMagic AMT8 or Unitor8.

via the internet,

Pastel Fractal

wow, that’s indeed great news — and a bit surprising, because AFAIK, the emagic AMT8 is not class compliant?

So, I’ve had the MIDISport 4×4 on order for over a month now – and I keep hearing “next week…it’ll be in next week”. [eyeroll]

(My supplier is awesome…it’s their supplier, or perhaps M-Audio)

I have this creeping fear that since no one really does DIN MIDI or seems to need a Class Compliant USB MIDI Interface, it will be a pain in the popo if I don’t jump on one…?

In the vein of the iConnectivity: Anyone had any experience with the MIO line from iConnectivity? Specifically their Mio10? (It’s Class Compliant, but it’d be nice if someone has feedback before I put down $400CAN on it, eh?)

I cannot report first-hand on the Mio10, but I would think it’s working well. Of course, it’s a completely different thing from the MIDISport4x4. But I wouldn’t be concerned. MIDI-DIN isn’t going anywhere soon!

Responding to this old sub-thread… thanks for taking the time to respond, and to actually try to understand our reasoning. I’m not happy with the way this Q&A works. But in theory, I like the idea of a Q&A. It does allow discussions in numerous forms, and it organizes (hopefully) responses and comments in such a way that the discussions and sub-threads can be easily separated from the actual answers. But that comes with a less linear discussion model. Which I understand so far, is something many people do like.

As I said previously, I have a Iconnectivity4+ which is the successor to a MIO4 and it works just fine. Very solid. I also have a MIO1 which works well.

Want to upvote that! LOL
Thanks for the response Florian.

You could make the Q&A/Forums a rusty biscuit scrawled with questions and tossed into a crowd of pigeons hoping they poop out your query to someone who can respond in a similar manner and I’ll still adore your software/hardware.

Actually, now that I’m seeing this multi-threading bit on here, I’m kinda grooving on it. 🙂

”Don’t like change” and ”Hey you kids, git offa mah lawn”

Hey Steve! Thanks for your response!
Love all the great info you have!

So I’m failing to find any comparison features on the iConnectivity site. It’ smy understanding the iConnectivity 4+ has an audio interface…or audio pass-thru…?

I’m guessing the big sales point for their products is ability to hook up multiple computers. Personally I can use a 4×4, but I like to think about expansion – I want to add at least one more DIN MIDI device (then I’ll be done with gearslutting?!? LOL). The 10×10 might be overkill, but i have no need for audio.

So I guess: MIO 4×4 or iConnectivity 4+ and not sure what the major differences are between them. If you have a moment to share your research/thoughts/info, I’d love to read it.

Well I don\’t have a MIO 4×4 but looking through the manual here is what I was able to glean.
The IConnect4+ has the ability to route audio from one host the another the MIO 4×4 does not. (I don\’t use this function)
The IConnect4+ has 3 device ports the MIO 4×4 I think has two. One IConnect 4×4 device port is specifically designed to use wit IPAD.
I\’m currently using two device ports (but not simultaneously). One to the BomeBox host and one to my Windows 10 host.
I don\’t think you can talk to the same ports from both hosts at the same time. I think it is set up so that you allocate a given port to
one host or the other.
I don\’t think the MIO 4×4 has network connectivity (network midi) where IConnect4+ does. I\’m not using this function either. On my Windows 10 machine I would need to add some SW to use it and really don\’t have the need.
I basically use the Iconnect4+ for two reasones

  1. availability of two (out of the 4) midi DIN ports
  2. Ability to not have to move things around when switching from BMT on my Windows host and Bomebox.