BomeBox MIDI Ports and MIDI Routing

I just purchased and received a BomeBox. After a firmware update (from 1.0 to 1.3) I was able to get everything connected successfully. The BomeBox even properly handled the USB MIDI ports for two (2) separate but identically configured MOTIF-RACK XS sound modules! Kudos to the BomeBox!!!!! I've been playing around with the Config App to get familiar with the capabilities of the BomeBox.

I do have three (3) questions:

  1. MIDI Ports: What is the purpose of the 'Auto Alias' USB MIDI Ports? I noticed USB Ports with an 'Auto Alias' for each connected device. These 'Auto Alias' USB Ports appear to mirror the MIDI Ports without an 'Auto Alias'.
  2. MIDI Routing (Part 1): Am I able to load a previously saved MIDI Route Setup using a MIDI command? During a live performance, I need the ability to 'change on the fly' MIDI route assignments. Using the BomeBox Config App, I know I can: a. Create a MIDI Route Setup for each unique 'MIDI Controller/Destination Setup' and load the desired MIDI Route Setup at the appropriate time. OR b. Use the 'Active' indicator to enable or disable specific routes as appropriate. However, both of these solutions would require the use of a computer or tablet during a live performance. And this leads me to my final question...
  3. MIDI Routing (Part 2): I am also a Bomes MIDI Translator Pro user. According to the documentation, I can load BMTP projects into the BomeBox. With BMTP I am able to dynamically change MIDI routing via MIDI commands by activating and deactivating presets that have preset/translator level MIDI routing. If I use BMTP to achieve what I'm trying to do in question #2, I would imagine I would not use the MIDI routing capability of the BomeBox. I'm guessing that using BMTP MIDI routing and the BomeBox MIDI Routes at the same time would cause some unexpected MIDI routing between devices. Please let me know if I understand this correctly.


Regards, Greg


Auto Aliases are assigned to all ports so that you can use their generic name if you would like.

BomeBox DIN – Always gets this Alias

Network Ports – “Network 1”, “Network 2” etc

USB Ports – “USB 1”, “USB 2” etc.

You can either use these or if you define your own aliases, use them instead. Personally since I run my BomeBox using project files and actual port names and USB attached devices can change, I usually assign Aliases to the intended device name and then assign them to the appropriate actual attached port when using them on BomeBox. BomeBox is smart enough to remember them after restart.

For instance, I have a Hammond Organ on my BomeBox DIN port when connected to BomeBox but when connected to my computer it is not called BomeBOX DIN. So in my project file I call it “Hammond” and assign it that name in my project file and on my BomeBox.

As far as your routing questions. If you don’t have an MT Pro project running, you indeed need to log in to the web interface to change the routes. The only way to change routes via MIDI is by loading a project file (which will assign default routes) and then use Translators and Presets within the project file to redirect routing. Fortunately you were smart enough to also have MT Pro so you can take care of these advanced features.

I hope this helps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Greg did you get this working?