Bomebox - Net


Could I create more "Bomebox - Net" inputs and outputs?

So I could Route physical inputs to different virtual inputs?





Currently there is only one network MIDI port per BomeBox and/or Computer using Bome Network.  We are working on Multi-port, but don't have a timeline for availability.

It the meantime if you have Bome MIDI Translaator Pro, there is a way to simulate similar behavior.  The strategy is to convert standard MIDI messages into System Exclusive messages with port routing information embedded in these messages on the sending side, and then on the receiving side, convert them back and route to the desired port.

It is still just a single network MIDI connection between computers/BomeBoxes but it allows for more flexible routing.  If interested, I can post and example "send" project file and "receive" project file to illustrate how this is done.

You need to have a single licensed copy of MT Pro to run a MT Pro project on a BomeBox and also for any computers (after the first) that you are running concurrently.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Any idea if its going to be months or years? Iconnectivity has recently launched some new hardware that apparently would enable multiple midi ports over ethernet. But obviously i’d rather pick the Bome alternative and spare myself the cash and headache of integrating multiple pieces of gear.

I can ask, however Bome seldom, if every gives time lines.

When searching the Q&A I find a thread dating from november where Florian discusses multi-port streaming over ethernet so I guess it’s still pretty recent that we had an update.

Could still try though - who knows? thanks.

Yes, that is one of the many things that he is working on. Not sure when it will be available though. I’m sure he will send and updated newsletter when he is ready for prime time.

Fingers crossed!

Hi, indeed, multi-stream functionality has top priority. It requires an improved GUI for Bome Network, which we’re working on right now.