BomeBox - Network and WiFi bridge?

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I was wondering if anyone knows if the WiFi and Ethernet on the Bome box bridged - Eg. sending an sACN signal via WiFi, then receiving this on the Ethernet connection.


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Hi, BomeBox can have two active networks attached simultaneously but from Bome Network will only have one name (the name of the BomeBox). BomeBox does not directly support sACN however, can be used as a generic router/bridge for many types of network connections. You should be able to set up network routes within BomeBox to allow bridging of connections between the Ethernet and WifI and visa-versa. using the Advanced Configuration screens. I have never tried this, however simply because I have not had a need to and I’ve not been brave enough to set up custom routes (I’m not a network expert).

Keep in mind that BomeBox role here would be simply a generic network router and would have no concept of the underlying protocols used through the routing mechanisms. Your endpoints would need know what to do with the sACN signals at each end and do whatever DMX processing they normally do.

In contrast, with Bome Network (supported by BomeBox), you can set up and route various MIDI streams to each other. With that said, if you had two networks attached to BomeBox, I do not believe it is possible to tell which network Path (ethernet or WiFi) to route, then incoming and outgoing MIDI streams. They are just defined by their Computer Name.
I may be wrong. I’m going to copy the Boss on this response in case he has anything to add.

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Hi, they are bridged if you select “Access Point” in WiFi settings. Then the WiFi network will be the same as the Ethernet network: if Ethernet is configured as Ethernet Master, the WiFi network will assign IP address to connected clients from the Ethernet range. If Ethernet is configured as Client, WiFi clients will be assigned IP addresses from whichever DHCP server is present via Ethernet.

You can bridge WiFi in HotSpot or Client mode to Ethernet in the Advanced config, but we don’t recommend it. The BomeBox will route packets from one subnet to another, which can lead to other problems, unless you know what you’re doing…

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