Bomebox Network (more than 16 midi channels?)

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I have a 2 computers using bome network via lan.

All is working good, but since each computer has a lot of midi devices connected (mostly midi sequencers and synths) im trying to asing one midi channel to each device to avoid confussion.

When i send midi from a sequencer connected to computer 1 to a synth connected to computer one, I route the midi from the sequencer to bomenet, and on the computer to I select midi from bomenet.

This is fine, but when selecting bome net, there are no subports, so im stuck with 16 channels.
A lot of the sequencers use 4 or more channels, so I run out of channels quite fast.

Is there a way to solve this? I tried aliases with no luck.

Wondering if bome network allows for subports.

Thanks a lot!

Yes, Bome Network has this feature it is called “Remote Direct MIDI Ports”. if you open the Bome Network tool and click on the computer in question you can enable them. That way you can get up to 16 channels on a given Remote Direct MIDI Port.

Here is a list of remote ports I have that I can see on my main computer from my gaming computer. If the port is switched on, I can access it on my main computer by ComputerName:Portname.


Hi Steve!

Thanks for the info, i have completely missed that screen. Is that an addon to bomework network via Unlimited Named MIDI Ports? Is that option included on bomework network pro? Its the one I have .

Thanks for your help and support

Remote MIDI Direct Ports are available on all versions of Bome Network. Bome Network Pro allows you to talk between computers but Bome Network (regular) just between computers and BomeBoxes or between BomeBoxes.

Unlimited named virtual ports is an paid add-on feature of Bome Network.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks for the info Steve,
Going to check it out.