BomeBox: Network question


I'd like to leave the supported area and make some changes to the network configuration as I require a more of a wan/lan (or external/internal) type configuration. External would be my home network, Internal the Network provided by the box to be used on the road.

External: Eth0 (assuming that is the one with POE in)

  • DHCP client (external)
  • Bomebox administration
  • BomeNetwork

Internal (Eth1 & Wifi)

  • same configuration / features as BomeBox used as AP with internal DHCP

This would allow me to use the box 'on the road' without having to remember to reconfigure it before leaving my home network.

Has anybody set up Bomebox in a similar manner?

And while I'm at it, here are some things which I think would make the box even more awesome: ;)

  • access to connected USB storage devices (and MT project storage location) via ftp or webdav: being able to up- or download samples without having to disconnect my sampler from the box and to connect USB directly to my computer would be a blast. And having MT project location as a share could make project management much more pleasurable.
  • basic filters available on each route / interface: Rx/Tx Clock, Transport, Notes, CC, Program change, Sysex. This would be very helpful in situation like I had in a jam recently: all I needed was clock and transport but some misbehaving equipment in my jam mates setup sent who knows what into the stream causing havoc - and I did not bring my laptop with MT to the session.

best regards,


Hi Johannes,

I’ll pass this request on to Florian.

Regarding Eth0 and Eth1. As you probably know, they are currently tied together on the same network.

The way I have mine configured is:

WiFi – DHCP Server BomeBoxSteve

Eth0-1 – Hardcoded IP address – However I have a cheap WiFI to Eth bridge attached. (I think I paid around $12 for it on Amazon). I don’t like stringing a cable across my studio.

That way I can get to my BomeBox via BomeNetwork over WiFi from my Windows PC at home (without having to change my local network configuration). Also I can optionally string a CAT5 cable to the other Eth port if I prefer.

If I’m away from home, I can access from my iPhone or Chromebook over the BomeBox Internal WiFI Connection.

I prefer this way as I never have to change my network settings on my BomeBox. I can even run on both interfaces concurrently.

I like the idea of a “share” for the project file location. Also, I believe Florian is working on more device routing options over the network. I specifically asked for the ability to expose individual attached MIDI devices over the BomeNet Connections. I didn’t ask about separate routing for different MIDI data types, such as clock, transport and notes, however I believe you can set up translators in a MT Project file to handle such routing. If you get more specific on a given routing scenario, I might be able to suggest something that would work. Of course, as you say, you would need to have your laptop to change the project and then upload the project file with that routing.

Bottom line is your suggestions make a lot of sense to me (as a user).




Hi Johannes,
I’m quite sure that you can configure the BomeBox as you intend using the advanced configuration (OpenWRT). The two Ethernet ports can be individually configured, the standard bridge is in software. Afterwards, just be careful to not change anything on the BomeBox’ Ethernet web config page.

Accessing the BomeBox filesystem via network (including USB drives and the MT project files) is a nice idea. I would think that SMB shares would be the most universal? We’ll think about it.

Filters for routes would be nice, too.

No promises, but your requests are recorded.