BomeBox not connecting

Hi Steve,

Recently, I have changed the configuration of my gear a lot of times and seen that the BomeBox is very sensitive to such changes. For instance, when I just powered up my Studiologic Numa Compact 2x (NC2x), which was connected by USB MIDI, the Bomebox often goes to “connection stalled” and after a minute or two it reconnects.

This time, however, I have connected my NC2x by MIDI DIN cable and no USB cable at all is used (besides the power USB cable). The BomeBox Power LED is lit and the log on is given below. But the Bome Network shows “Pending (off or not reachable)”, and no MIDI data is recognized. I have a hardware Ethernet connection and the LED is flickering as normal.

The Translator Pro also seems to detect the Bomebox, and reports what is stated below.

Why does my BomeBox not connect although it is detected by and Translator Pro?


428 MT Player Headless on BomeBox started.
431 MT Player Headless start.
1033 load settings OK: last modified=2023-08-30 09:13:17 filesize=543 filename:/etc/mt/playerheadless.bmts
1044 NetDirectory added type #1 local identity ‘BomeBox - Net’ at
1059 Discovered MIDI INPUT : BomeBox DIN
1070 Discovered MIDI OUTPUT: BomeBox DIN
25043 NetDirectory: network interfaces have changed. Closing socket, triggering re-opening.
25291 NetDirectory: adding new broadcast domain: (netmask:

Translator Pro:
1515 - Discovered MIDI INPUT : Bitstream 3X 1,Bitstream 3X 2,Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual In,Bome MIDI Translator 2 Virtual In,BomeBox,BomeBox: BomeBox DIN,BomeBox: NC2x,BomeBox: NC2x [2],BomeBox: Piano de Voyage,BomeBox: W-FADER
1531 - Discovered MIDI OUTPUT: Bitstream 3X,Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out,Bome MIDI Translator 2 Virtual Out,BomeBox,BomeBox: BomeBox DIN,BomeBox: NC2x,BomeBox: Piano de Voyage,BomeBox: W-FADER,Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth,Microsoft MIDI Mapper,VirtualMIDISynth #1
1904 - Loaded Project file: X:! Art! Piano! Hard- & Software\Bome MIDI Translator\Presets\Split Keyboard - Drawbar Organ V6 no ge.bmtp
1917 - Opened MIDI INPUT “BomeBox: NC2x [2]”
1929 - Opened MIDI OUTPUT “BomeBox: BomeBox DIN”
1942 - Opened MIDI INPUT “BomeBox: BomeBox DIN”
1955 - Opened MIDI INPUT “BomeBox: Piano de Voyage”
1970 - Opened MIDI INPUT “BomeBox: W-FADER”
2006 - Opened MIDI INPUT “BomeBox: NC2x”

First of all make sure you are using the latest BomeBox Firmware and latest version of Bome Network.

Then, often times it may take a little while to find the newly attached ports as you add them but the entire connection should not drop.

In the Bome Network settings, make sure that you are using port 37000 as shown below.

I also have the following settings under virtual MIDI Port settings. If not set this way, the operating system will remove and re-create virtual ports as physical devices are removed and disconnected which takes time. I prefer to have them always shown.

If you are still having problems, make sure that if you have a firewall, that port 37000 is open. Then the two devices should discover themselves if they are on the same network.

Also, make sure that each device (BomeBoxes and computers) have unique name. For instance, if you have two BomeBoxes don’t leave the default name to ‘BomeBox’. Give one of them a new name.

It is probably a good idea to ensure each BomeBox ethernet is a DHCP client unless there is no other DHCP client on your network.

Finally, if they are not connecting, look at the ‘Pair LED’ on the BomeBox. If it is flashing, then press the pair button below it to complete the connection. After that, it should remember the connection request and pair automatically.

If you still have problems, pleas share screenshots of the following BomeBox web pages.

-Network MIDI

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thank you Steve, for all these possible problem descriptions, which can be valuable for future issues.

This time, I have ugraded the firmware und now all works again. I cannot say if this was the problem, however. It could well be that just exiting the Bome Network and starting it again would have solved the issue.


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