Bomebox Routing help

Hello Bomebox team,

I am new to MIDI routing and have watched a few tutorials but wanted to ask regarding my specific use-case scenario.

I have an Octatrack, Digitone, Monologue and in process of purchasing a Deepmind 12D. For immediate MIDI control of CC parameters for all these devices, some generally hidden in pages, I am purchasing a Midi Fighter Twister; I also have a Minilab Mk2 and a Launchpad Pro Mk3 which I'd like to use for playing Notes, Drums etc and other functions.

The plan to route them controllers are: I'd like all 3 MIDI controllers to be connected to all these devices simultaneously for specific MIDI control I may want with them: for example - Launchpad pro Mk3 pads to sequence the beat and other samples on Octatrack/sequence the Digitone/play the Monologue/Deepmind 12; similarly the Minilab mk2 keyboard to play Melody lines/Pads etc on the Digitone or Monologue/Deepmind 12; the Midi Fighter Twister for accessing and tweaking cc parameters on the different synths simultaneously (using the Preset and Banks within the device).

Additionally, if it helps in answering my question or possible ideas for more interesting routings: I also have a RME Babyface with 1 MIDI I/O and a Presonus Faderport 16 control surface.

My question is: I know I can connect all these devices to the Bomebox via a USB-Hub:

(1) Will they be powered by the Bomebox only when the Bomebox is connected to an external power source? or would I need a powered USB Hub?

(2) Since I need many instruments to be controlled via the Bomebox, would just a MIDI Thru box connected to the Output of the Bome, help me accomplish the above, along with your MT Pro software? (basically, all MIDI controllers connected to all devices using MTPro routings via the Thru box)

(3) Would I need anything additionally in order to achieve fluid integration for the functionality?

Looking forward to your help, relatively new to the MIDI routing world, any help is much appreciated. Thanks guys!


Hi, yes as long as these are USB MIDI class compliant or MIDI DIN, it should work.

The BomeBox provides up to 1 amp of current.  I think the spec on USB MIDI devices is about 50ma each so it may be possible to run everything with an unpowered USB hub, but I don't recommend it as many USB MIDI devices misbehave. Especially those with lots of LED's.  If you are purchasing a USB hub anyway, I would recommend that you use powered one just to be safe.

If you want static routing with no translation, then MT Pro is not required, however it looks like with your setup, you will want to do dynamic routing and maybe some translation as well, which means you will need to order MT Pro so that you can create a project file on your computer and then upload it to BomeBox for execution.

Unless you are hooking up multiple DIN devices, I don't think you need a MIDI thru box. The BomeBox has one MIDI DIN In and one MIDI DIN Out port.  If you need multiple MIDI DIN ports, your choice is to get a MIDI thru box or just daisy chain everything off of the one DIN port (but be sure that you have different MIDI channels assigned to various devices which might be tough on some devices that only allow for MIDI CH 1.  I think all of your devices can select different MIDI channels however. Some of my cheaper controllers do not allow this.

Also daisy chaining on MIDI DIN ports may cause some latency for downstream devices.

Your project and configuration sounds interesting and fun. 

Personally I have 3-6 devices and sometimes more (all USB except 1) on my BomeBox depending on what I'm doing.  I have a 4 port DIN to USB adapter but have not yet found a need to use it but I have it if I ever need it.

Have fun!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist





Thank you so much for your reply, Steve! I shall get a powered USB Hub and Midi Thru box (just incase). The RME Babyface is also class-compliant and can be powered via the USB hub, I think I could hook it up to the Bomebox USB too in order to get access to the extra MIDI I/O if required.
Hope to have a ton of fun with the Bome, thank you for helping us musicians do some amazing routings to create some new and unique sounds with our devices. Thank you Steve and the Bome team.

Sorry, isn’t the RME BabyFace an Audio device? BomeBox will not pass through any USB Audio. Only MIDI. I may be wrong, maybe they also have a MIDI interface.

You maybe right. I was looking at using it when going DAWless to use only its MIDI I/O as an extra MIDI IN and Out if required. If its not possible, its OK, the MIDI Thru device should be sufficient for what I am seeking to route at the moment.

Something like this might suffice if you need more MIDI DIN.

Thanks Steve!