Bomebox to bomebox via LAN

Hi there,

I'm new to Bomeboxes and I'm looking to connect two MIDI devices together via 2x Bomeboxes across a LAN. No re-mapping of the midi data is required. Each Midi device will send and recieve sysex to/from each other.

I am struggling to understand how to set up the necessary midi routes for this, as the web config only shows the ports for one device at a time, never both. It seems that it is not possible to log into both devices at once.

Any assistance is greatfully recieved!



If you set default (automatic) routing on, then all attached ports will be routed to all other attached ports and it should work. Otherwise, just rout all attached devices to  and from the network port in both directions and everything will go through. You will only see the attached devices on the local BomeBox so you would need to go to the web interface on both BomeBoxes to set this up. 


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