Bomebox VS software Midi Translator Pro latency

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with one vs the other in terms of latency, especially when connecting to external hardware. I’m using a Macbook pro M1, and have MTP.

I’m currently using a MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus to do some functions with hardware that I will be able to replicate with MTP software once I get some guidance with it (see another thread I just posted).The event processor works well, but has a little more latency than I would like, once everything makes its way to my computer. I’m also assuming the MIDI ethernet from the BoomBox is extremely fast, as compared to USB connection?


BomeBox and MIDI Translator Pro are both extremely fast.
Network is usually much faster then USB, but beware, some network adapters on Mac, slow things down. Make sure you do your research on USB network adapters for Mac.

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Excellent, thanks, Steve!

I am on a Mac mini M1 and don’t use a network adapter.
A small giga switch works well here. One cable on Mac, one for BomeBox and one for a MH Audio Interface. No problems with any device.

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