BomeBox with Ipad via Wifi

it is possible to connect my ipad Air2 via Wifi to the Bomebox?

i want to play with my Roland A88 Controller Keyboard some ipad synths. i need wifi because i hate cables.

i want to control with the ipad app "midi designer pro" some HArdware Synth like Korg X5D with 5Pol. MIDI DIN connections. i that all possible with Bomebox or i need any software from you?



At present, the only way I believe you can connect with your iPad is through a computer running BomeNetwork. It would be iPAD to rtMIDI (on PC) or iPad to the Apple MIDI on Mac (which is essentially same protocol as rtMIDI). Then from your PC or Mac to BomeBox using Bome Network.

If you are running through a PC, you will have to download and install rtMIDI (which I believe is in public domain).


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Well, can i use the Yamaha md-bt 01 (Midi Bluetooth Adapter 5 Pol. DIN) to connect my iPad wireless to the Bomebox? Then i don´t use the Bome Netzwerk Software?

You might try it but BomeBox does not “officially” support Bluetooth. The below excerpt is from the BomeBox web page:


Does the BomeBox support Bluetooth?

There is no built-in Bluetooth in the BomeBox, but you can plug in a Bluetooth-MIDI dongle like WIDI-Bud for connecting Bluetooth MIDI devices to the BomeBox.


Just an update for anyone interested.

I have an off-brand 2xDIN to Bluetooth Low-Energy adapter. It takes parasitic power from the Bome box DIN ports and provides a wireless bluetooth MIDI connection to my iPhone. I’ve been using it for 6 months of gigging with very few issues.

The original part is Worlde MIDI Keyboard (MIDI Adapter), but I notice it has been pulled from

Even though this is an old topic, I wanted to share the news that we’ve now released Bome Network for iOS and iPadOS: