BomeBox works with P.I. Engineering X-Keys24-USB


I bought this X-Keys 24 device from P.I. Enginerring a few days ago and had the opportunity to test it with BomeBox. I found that if I program it for "Hardware Mode", I could set up the keys for various key combinations and then use it with a BomeBox project file to generate MIDI messages for attached devices. I set it up through a USB hub.

Here is the link to the XK-24 device that I used:

I only tested with a few keystroke combinations at this time as right now I'm more in the "Proof of Concept" phase. I'm also attaching the MT Project file I tested it with.

Steve Caldwell Bome Q and A Moderator and Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


P.S. You program the keys on a PC using the provided X-Keys app before you move it to the BomeBox.

Hi Steve
I remember querying the use of my XK-24 keypads and the BomeBox with you some months back – very handy devices. Mainly using them for program change to preset cues for an upcoming show cue system deployment. Haven’t had to use with a USB hub yet though…
Thanks – Gav.

Yep, nice little device. I mostly use it for hotkeys on my PC, but nice to know I can move it over to BomeBox and use it there if I want to. I’ve had several people ask about this which is why I thought i’d share my findings.

I have the XK-12. Which xkeys app you use?? What status you leave the device before plug into bome?

On PC I’m using Software keys with MacroWorks 3.1

When I tested with BomeBox. I just used some hardware key definitions since there is no software version usable with BomeBox.