Bomeboxes wifi connection for midi

I would like to connect two bomeboxes via their wifi which ive done and would like now to use the bomes as a "wifi module" to send midi from bome 1 midi in to bome 2 midi out. How do I set the routing to achieve that? I dont want to use a computer apart from to set the bomeboxes up.


Hi Peter,

The below YouTube tutorial should help. Let me know if you have any further question.


Ive watched this already its how to identify what to select in the routing section when two boxes are connected with bome to bome wifi. If I connect both with rj45 I can see so I have something to route but I dont know what to select when a bomebox is connecting to another bomebox with its own wifi. I hope that makes sense.

HI Peter,
If I remember, when you set up each BomeBox you give each one a name. This is the name of the network you connect to. So if you’ve named them BomeBox1 an BomeBox2, then each BomeBox on the network will Broadcast it’s name. Before you go to MIDI routing, you need to go to the Network MIDI screen and pair the BomeBoxes. On BomeBox1 you would go to the network screen and establish connection to BomeBox2. Then you go to BomeBox2 and either press the flashing pair button or using the BomeBox2 Network connection screen, click on “accept connection”. At that point the BomeBoxes will be aware of eachother. You can then go to the MIDI routing screen and select your new routes. The BomeBox names will now appear on your MIDI routing screen along with the one to your computer (if you have one). The name of the Computer will be that you assigned when setting up BomeNetwork on your computer, so to BomeBox, it just looks like another BomeBox with whatever name you assigned there.

Hopefully, this will get you set up. If not, let me know.


So the two bomes are connected via wifi it shows bome 1 connected to bome 2 and vice versa. Does the description bomebox -net refer to the rj45 connnections only or do they include the wifi connections between the devices? O now that bome 1 says its connected too bome 2 do I just literally select bome 1 and bome 2 respectively in the routing sections?

Ok Ive discovered it
the refers to rj45 and wireless connection, I proved it by pulling out the rj45 of a bome. Thank you

Glad to see you have it working. If you have them both on Wifi and on RJ45. I’m not sure how the Bomeboxes will connect. Could be either I guess. Just to be safe, I would only have one available. However with that said, if they are on a different network, there may be a screen where you give the connected device name a different name (ie BomeBox1-RH45 vs BomeBox1-Wifi). I just never got that far in setting up that sort of connection (both Wifi and RG45). If you have RJ45 available, I would use that over WiFI. to connect the two boxes.

Hi, giving the BomeBox 2 options (WiFi and cat5/Ethernet) for connecting (either to another BomeBox or to a computer) is usually not a good idea. The reason is that the BomeBox connects by name. If the BomeBox sees 2 devices with same name on different network paths, it may constantly think that the same BomeBox was replugged and switch to the other one. That could cause MIDI data loss. That scenario happens when WiFi and Ethernet are in 2 different networks. That’s usually the case if WiFi is in HotSpot mode.

If WiFi is in Client mode connecting to the same Ethernet network, or in Access Point mode, connecting via both WiFi and Ethernet is not a problem.

I hope that clarifies a bit.