Boot Up Sequence with midi rig

Hopefully a simple question with a simple answer.
What should the power sequence be for the BOME Box and midi the devices sending and/ or receiving in the string?
I have had some weirdness with various startup combinations, but my experiences have me doing it this way: All midi devices powered on, network active, last device to power-up is the BOME Box.

Please confirm that this is the best way to do this ( and why )


I know no one likes this answer but it is “It depends”.

Basically, if a device has started before another device has connected and the receiving device requires a MIDI message at startup. Then it will not receive that message if it has not started yet.

For instance, if in your project file running on BomeBox, you have an initialization message sent to an attached BomeBox device and it is not yet attached, then it will miss that message. So you really need to think at startup, what devices need to receive what messages and in what sequence things happen.

For me, in my project files, I usually have a way (using a MIDI controller), to re-initialize a startup sequence so that in case the device wasn’t connected when BomeBox was turned on, I can send the sequence again.

With that said, in general, you should make sure all of your MIDI devices are attached (and powered up) first, then start up your applications. That way any initialization sequences that are sent are properly received by the devices.

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Bome Customer Care

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