Brand new Bome Box, can't login to web config

Hi everyone -

Just got my Bome Box today, attempting to do initial setup. I was able to connect to the Bome Box via WiFi, but couldn’t access web config due to an invalid password error. After trying a few times, I followed the password reset procedure. I’ve tried it with two different thumb drives and it hasn’t worked either time.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this device, but this isn’t really a great start to my experience with it, sadly.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Also congratulations on your new BomeBox. I’m sorry you are having difficulty getting things working! I’m here to help.

Maybe the issue is there are two passwords: the WiFi password that defaults to blank, and the Login password which defaults to the BomeBox serial number on the bottom of the BomeBox. If you change the WiFi password, you will need to reset it with network reset and the login password you reset with password reset.

By default the WiFi is set as a master and the Ethernet is set as a client. Since you are accessing as WiFi, you should be able to get to web config after connecting to You should get a login prompt. Did you get this far?

If you are struggling with password reset, here are the most common errors.

  1. Use a smaller thumb drive if possible. Some large thumb drive have issues.
  2. Make sure your thumb drive is FAT32 formatted. Most come that way.
  3. Make sure you password file has the proper name. If you created the file on a Windows machine and file name extensions are hidded. Your file name may actually have 2 extension “.txt.txt”
  4. Make sure the file name includes the serial number of the BomeBox with leading zeros. They should all be number zero and not letter O.
  5. Turn off the BomeBox, plug in the thumb drive, then turn it on again and wait for the power light to go solid.
  6. Make sure you have decent consistent power. Do not plug into a fast charging port as they sometimes alter the power for faster charge. If this is the case, your BomeBox might enter a period reboot cycle. Make sure the power light goes solid and stays solid.
  7. Make sure the WiFi LED is on. If it is not, the press the WiFi button until the WiFi LED goes on solid.

If you need further assistance, first check the tutorial onpassword reset. Network reset is similar but just with a different file name on the thumb drive. Refer to the instruction manual for this.

You may also want to plug in the ethernet cable to your computer or router for first access. If you have Bome Network running on your computer, you can then use the network ICON within Bome Network to connect over ethernet to your device after it automatically discovers your BomeBox. From there you should be able to change settings.

After that, please let me know step by step what you did and where you are in trying to connect.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve -

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried everything you suggested to no avail.

Then, I I tried formatting the flash drive as ExFAT instead of FAT32 and it worked. (I’m on a Mac, FWIW).

Now, on to the configuration …


Strange. Could you go to your overview settings and make sure you see a serial number on the top? In a previous note, before you got it working, you said you were on 1.4. Curious how you new that if you couldn’t even log in. (Maybe from Bome Network config view?)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

I do see a serial number, yes.

I think I was confusing the Bome Network software version with the firmware rev. I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.5 and all seems functional @ this point.

Great, glad to see you have it working! It is still a mystery that it didn’t work with FAT32 formatting.

Hi Steve, glad to read that! exFAT is also supported, though I have no idea why your FAT32 flash drive did not work. And the second mystery is why your BomeBox wasn’t properly initialized with the serial number as password. Units from our factory will always be properly initialized. Depending on where you bought it, maybe it was already tried by someone else?

Now I hope that the BomeBox will be “love at second sight” for you!

Best regards,

Yeah, I was wondering about that as well…

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