Browser focus in Ableton w Twister

Hey All,

I *mostly* figured out how to do this but it kinda freaks out.

Should work:

Translator: CC #2: Controller 16, 127 Keystroke: Ctrl(F) Down Left Down Down Down Down Right

Theoretically this should on pressing down of the Twister knob put the cursor in the right file column of the Ableton browser where the tracks are. Instead it "flashes" to the Library in the left column and then goes back to "All Results".

FWIW this is definitely a hack. Ableton doesn't have a keyboard command for switching focus to the browser so I used the Search > Ctrl + F to get there, down arrow to get out of the search window, then Left to get to the left column, Down four times to get to the Library folder, and Right to get to the files in the right column.

What DOES work though:

CC #2: Controller 16, 127 Keystroke: Ctrl(F)

CC #2: Controller 16, 127 Keystroke: Down Left Down Down Down Down Right

However, the final Right keystroke doesn't work for some reason.

Any thoughts?

Hi, you need to put about 20ms delay between each keystroke otherwise Ableton Live will not catch up.

I’ve included an example project file but I use a different controller and CC#



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Wow excellent many thanks. That wouldn’t have occurred to me. Lateral thinking ftw.

.: pl

My Pleasure, Phil!