Browser up/down encoder to keystroke MT pro


I'm trying to map an endless encoder to browse up/down my tracks; sending keystroke up/down.

Pretty much what's in here

But when I reach 127 I cannot go down, when I reach 0, I cannot go up..
So I added some more rules:
if pp==127 then pp=0
if pp==0 then pp=127
So it would reset the encoder value but it's not working.
So I set it up to activate a preset that sets encoder to 0 when 127 reached with a delay, and activate another when 0 is reached thats sets it back to 127 still with a delay. I mean it works but I'd like some more easy/stable setup..

PS: I cannot edit the encoder to relative mode in the controller editor because the remote script in Ableton overides it, and sets it back to absolute mode..

How can I solve this?


Please see the attached file. There are two ways to address this type of issue.

  1. Use a timer to send up keystrokes at a given rate if the encoder is above a given threshold and a down keystroke if it is below a given threshold. For instance from 0-54 send down keystrokes continuously. If 74-127 send up keystrokes. If between 54 and 74, kill the timer so keystroke stop.
  2. Use a button to disable output while you adjust the knob to give you more room for the knob.

Preset 0 in the attached file uses the timer method. Preset 1 uses the button method. Only enable one or the other depending on the method you want.


Hopefully this will give you what you need.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Hi Steve, thanks for your super fast answer !

Yeah I saw way 1 already in your tutorial

To be honest I prefer my solution, its actually working perfectly :) (its just that for me its not the best as I layer traktor/ableton on same midi channel so the remote script is interfering..)

I attach it for you to try it out, just remap all translators to 1 encoder !

Have a great day


Yes, this will work with encoders that you can change values remotely but not with pots or faders (unless they are motorized faders).

Thanks for sharing!

Hey Steve :slight_smile:

is there a possibillity to make this endlessly happen? Would be great to make endless rotaries in one way (left or right) without using a button, to adjust again.
Something like a fixed knob, which always stays in the centered position. like 3F/4E or something like that…

Again, I think I answered this months back before approving the post so if not, let me know