Bug found--> bome midi pro 1.9.0


1.9.0 Manual states ‘Global variables are defined by two-character combinations in the following ranges: ga - gz / g0 - g9 , ha - hz / h0 - h9 , …, za - z9’

Bug: Z0-Z9 does exist as an option to select in the ‘set variable to value’ drop down and can not be entered manually via the keyboard in both Incoming or outgoing sections of a Translator.

I note that other variable combinations such as x0-x9, etc… are available and selectable.


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Good catch! will will take care of this in a future release.

I generally use local variables within translator input and output because they are private. If I need to use a global I then assign the global variable based on the local variable I used. I take great care to limit the use of writing global variables to ensure two translators are not trying to write to them at the same time. With MT Pro, there optimization that allows some actions to occur in parallel in the interst of speed.

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Thanks Steve. Also, perhaps a corollary issue is that ‘Dump Variables’ don’t show all the global z variables, despite being z variable being set. Oddly, some of them show on ‘dump variables’ but not all.

Yes, I typically also use local variables. This particular use case requires data be shared events and between translators (which I understand require the use of global variables).

Yes, we are aware and this will be fixed in a future release. Thanks for reporting it though.