(BUG) Mouse Movement by 1 Pixel


Just updated to1.9.0 on my Windows 10 PC after seeing that mouse movement (by 1 pixel) is fixed.

This is not the case at my end unfortunately. Using Note messages.

Moving Left:
-at first press the cursor jumps UP and LEFT by two/three pixels.
-next couple of presses does move the cursor by one pixel and then stops responding after that.

Moving Right:
-moves up and stops responding.

Moving Up:

Moving Down:
-not working.

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Yes, this is an elusive issue with Windows some somehow periodically changes the behavior of pixel management in the Windows drivers. The issue gets fixed and then shortly thereafter a WIndows update occurs which changes the behavior again. My workaround is to a always move by more than one pixel (I usually use 3 as a minimum movement amount) I think it might be the way pixel calculation occurs in Windows with different rounding mechanisms based on monitor size.

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Hi @vstimidi , thanks for trying. As Steve said, it’s an ongoing problem. You won’t believe how difficult Microsoft makes it to move the mouse by one pixel. Can you please tell us your monitor setup?

  1. how many monitors and their arrangement?
  2. What is the Display resolution of each monitor?
  3. on which display do you want to control the mouse?
  4. what is their scaling factor? (in display settings under “Scale and layout”)
  5. Do you use different scaling factors for different monitors?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello Steve and Florian!

Thank you very much for replying. Please see my responses to your questions below.

  1. I have 3 different monitor models, Monitors 1 and 2 are 25" and the 3rd one is 27".


  1. All three monitors are the same resolution 1080p.

  2. Ideally on all 3. Otherwise I would love to get this working at least on Monitor 1.

  3. I have the scaling set to 100% (Recommended)

  4. No, I have exactly the same setting on all three monitors.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional info.


MIDI Translator Pro 1.9 build 1020 with the fix is now available in your account:
(Stevan tested the fix and fixes it if cursor speed is at default speed 10)