Bypass MIDI messages


I have a Bome Translator project were I'm catching the following messages:

  1. Start and Stop Song messages
  2. Control Change messages on channel: 3 and controllers: 14 and 15
  3. Note On and Off on channel: 3

I would like other MIDI messages to come through Bome Translator, but don't do any special processing; just echoing it out through the Bome Translator Port. Is this possible? If so, how? I now I could add all different MIDI messages to a translator and then just use the same message as the output, but what if I don't know which other MIDI messages are coming? Is there any wildcard match?


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Hi, yes you can set up a MIDI THRU path by drawing a line with your mouse between the incoming port on the left to the outgoing port on the right on the MIDI router screen. Any thing that you have a translator for with the “swallow” option set and that either has an outgoing action as “None” or executes the outgoing action will be handled by the translator and not pass the MIDI THRU path. Anything that you do not have translators for will pass through the MIDI THRU path untouched.

Keep in mind that if the translator aborts (ie exit rules, exit outgoing action), the incoming message will still pass through using the MIDI THRU path. To avoid this, simply add another translator with the same incoming trigger and outgoing action as NONE.

In summary the “swallow” option only works if one of the two conditions below occur:

1. The outgoing action is none.

2. The outgoing action executes (is not aborted).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




Thanks, this is working