Camera control on Overwatch (mouse movement problem)

Context: I'm trying to use electric drums to control Overwatch on PC. I got the mouse movement working so that on my regular desktop, hitting a pad makes it move slightly to the left or right. However, when checking the coordinates when overwatch is the active window, the cursor always reads as x=1280 y=720 with slight changes when you move, but it always snaps back nomatter where you're looking. With my current settings (input = move cursor 5 pixels to the right, for example), no matter what my numbers are, the camera snaps to look straight up or straight down with some random left and right changes. Any ideas on how to make this work correctly?


For more context, I've also tried setting the mouse position to x=1285 and y=720 to try to move it slightly and let it snap back to the center, but same results.

update: I've discovered that nomatter what I set the mouse movement to, it still changes the exact same way. Acts as if the mouse is moving to the right a specific amount based on my in-game sensitivity.

Hi, could you post your project file? I will take a look.  Are you running 1.8.4? Are you on Mac or PC?  If on Mac, do you have accessibility set so that your mouse and keyboard can control your screen?


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Ah, I see you are on PC

Solved! I just played with a lot of settings and ultimately came up with the right (and super weird) mouse locations for each direction. Use the \"set mouse position\" function on key on and tweak the settings below to your liking. For overwatch specifically, you only need to change each one about 5-10 pixels in either direction for this to work.


X=102 – dead center left-right

Y=28 almost dead center up-down


Edit: this is also using \"on global desktop\" and I have 3 monitors so I\'m sure that will screw with this. What I did was just enter random numbers (only changing x or y, not both) until eventually it didn\'t make me look straight up or down, it was just partway up, then played with the numbers to find the center and went from there.

Glad to see you got it working!