Can BMTP be used to connect to iconnectivity mioxl?

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Im hoping someone might be able to help me please, much appreciated.

I have an iconnectivity mioxl and most devices connect fine but 2 devices can’t… Nektar Panorama P1 and Traktor Kontrol X1. Is there any way BMTP can be used to make the device see them?

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Bome MIDI translator should connect to any MIDI device that the host platform supports. In some cases, the vendors use their own drivers so it is really a matter of whether they have properly written their driver.

With that said, the computer will see the connected device but I don’t think the mioXL will because it would connect to your computer as a device and not a host.

It might be possible, however with RTP-MIDI network connection but I have not tested that.

It is likely that any MIDI device that is not class compliant would not work on a mioXL but you should check with them.
Typically anything that requires custom drivers on Mac or PC are not class compliant.

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