Can Bome Box be a USB MIDI router for devices connected to a hub?


I’ve been using MidiPipe on my Mac to route USB MIDI which works as expected. I’ve been exploring how to go standalone and found Bome Box. Using the trial of Bome MIDI Translator Pro I’ve confirmed I can do the routing I need.

Before I buy a license and a Bome Box it would be great if somebody could confirm the combination will do what I expect.

I have 6 USB devices connected to an Elektron Overhub powered USB hub. That’s connected to my Mac. I’m hoping whatever routing configuration I create in Translator can be sent to a Bome Box and the Elektron Overhub be plugged into the Bome Box rather than the Mac for a fully standalone solution.


Hi, assuming all USB devices are class compliant and use MIDI data only this will work, however for that many devices you will likely need a powered USB hub to support the current draw of all of the attached devices.

You will also need a licensed copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro if you want to do translation and dynamic routing. Without a project file loaded, you can do static routing using the web interface. Note that the trial version of MT Pro is not sufficient for running projects on a BomeBox.

Also, if you are using virtual ports, BomeBox doesn’t have them so each device will need to be a real device as BomeBox does not generate virtual ports (ie BMT1, BMT2) as MT pro does.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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