Can Bome Network Pro communicate with 2 computers to control one synth at the same time

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It’s been a while. I bought BMT Pro many years ago. Never really got the hang of it completely but never really concentrated on it that much. Mostly wanted to try out that looper project that was popular back then. Love MIDI but will never get a grip on the technicalities.

I am trying to set up a way to send and receive MIDI on two computers. At one point I successfully created an RTP setup some how, but I can only receive MIDI data from the Synth I am using.

Setting up MIDI Ethernet Network

The main components I am trying to configure are:

Main DAW Computer: MacBook Pro 16 (Mac)
Running Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) to communicate with
DellXPS 8930 (Dell)
Running MIDI Quest 12
Ensoniq ESQ-1 (ESQ-1)
MIDI in/out connected to Mac through M-Audio UNO
MIDI Quest 12 (MQ)
running on Dell
Ableton Live 11 (Live)
running on Mac
Behringer Motor49 MIDI Controller (MC)
running on Mac

The Mac sends SYSEX data from MIDI Quest to fast for the ESQ-1 to read. I have a PC on the same LAN so I’d like to be able to send and receive SYSEX from the Dell through MQ to the ESQ-1, plus send (and receive?) all other MIDI data to the ESQ-1 from the Mac.

So put another way, I want to control MQ SYSEX messages on the Dell through Microsoft Remote Desktop and
SEND all other data (note on/off, PC and CC messages) from MC and Live on Mac through Dell to ESQ-1

It looks like Bome Network Pro will work but I figured I would consult the experts.
Can anyone tell me if and how this would work? Is there an easier way?


I think your best bet is Bome Network Pro (allowing MIDI communications between your Mac and PC. Bome Network Pro to me is easier than RTP MIDI as it is more self configurable and you don’t need to set up different sessions for each MIDI stream.

Then the add-on Unlimited Named MIDI Ports, so that you can set up virtual ports on your Windows PC for MIDI Quest 12 to use.

Also you could set up routing on your MAC so that you can send and receive SysEX from MIDI Quest 12. You don’t need Remote desktop unless you are using it to initiate the MIDI transfer.

If you want translation of MIDI message in addition to routing then Bome MIDI Translator Pro on our MacBook Pro should do the trick. You won’t need the if you don’t want to do any translations (ie note to CC etc) messages. I find with Ableton Live if you want to control things with track data, you might need notes to CC).

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks Steve
I’ll give it a try. The idea about sending MIDI to MIDI Quest from Mac is something I need to look at as well.