Can Bomebox be powered by a MacBook Pro USB-C port?

As per the subject, I’m wondering if Bomebox can be powered by a MacBook Pro USB-C port (i.e. USB-C to Micro USB cable) rather than needing to use a separate power supply?


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The BomeBox with no attached devices consumes up to 150mA @ 5V. If there are any attached USB devices on the BomeBox, their power draw will add up (max. 1A).

Any USB port on computers is guaranteed to provide 500mA, USB-C usually even more, so this is a safe way to power the BomeBox.

If you intend to attach a passive USB hub and multiple USB-MIDI devices to the BomeBox, the most reliable power source on the BomeBox is PoE (Power over Ethernet) with a 48v POE injector or PoE switch.

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Hi Steve, thanks so much for replying. Do you mean 150mA?
Regardless, my MacBook Pro will always be connected to power and after some research today, the USB-C ports of a 2020 Intel 16" MacBook Pro provide more than enough power. I currently use a small Wi-Fi router only for MIDI Networking (plugged into one of my Mac’s USB-C ports) and I thought it’d be good to replace this with a Bomebox which would be more reliable for the purpose.

Sorry, typo on my part. Yes it is 150mA

Here are the specs.

Keep in mind, the micro USB port of the BomeBox does not carry data. It is for power only.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Excellent…thanks for confirming.

Re. power/data: yep, no problem. I just need the USB-C power because I have some situations where I use a very cut-down rig and just want one power outlet for my Mac.

Thanks Steve, I really appreciate your help and timely replies. I’ve been using MIDI Translator Pro for years and it’s bullet-proof. Bome products are fantastic quality and value-for-money.

I agree, I’ve been a happy customer before helping on support.