Can I switch my Linnstrument between several virtual MIDI ports?

I have 2 USB devices, a Linnstrument, and a control surface( the control surface doesn't matter as much. I have a Novation Launch Control, an Akai Fire, and I'd be willing to buy something else if necessary).

The Linnstrument is MPE, so it hogs up all 16 Channels on the MIDI port. I want to use the controls on the control surface to change my Linnstruments MIDI Out port between several different(Virtual) MIDI In ports on my PC on the fly. This will allow me to switch between VST's in my DAW. This would be the Holy Grail for my workflow.

This part is all about my reasoning. It's not vital. You should skip it if you don't care. But, you might be thinking things like,

"Why doesn't he just mute the VST's he's not currently playing?"

I need to keep my DSP down as low as possible. This would blow my DSP up CRAZY high.

"Why doesn't he just use something like LoopBe30, LoopMIDI, or MIDI OX?"

I need to control the switching with a physical external controller, and I couldn't find a way with these options. I will not consider any solution which requires mouse clicks on the fly.

 "Why doesn't he just get a MIDI 5 pin DIN switcher and a MIDI interface and hook them together?" 

I don't want to use 5 pin DIN because it creates additional latency. Everything creates latency, and avoiding 5 pin DIN is a must.

"Why don't you program an Arduino or a Raspberry Pie or similar small device to do it for you?"

I'm way to dumb for that. I can't even spell "Too" right. 

I just need a super fast way to switch my Linnstruments class compliant USB MIDI Out between multiple virtual MIDI In ports. Can the Bomebox do this for me? I am grateful for the opportunity to pose my question to your group. If it turns out this is possible, I will be purchasing one immediately. I will purchase it so fast... It'll just be really fast.

Thank you,

Yes, you certainly can do this. You can define several presets each with a different default output MIDI port (up to 9 virtual ports). Then with the push of a button on the controller(s) you want to define for switching, enable whichever preset(s) you want to use. Since you would not be using the Bome MIDI router function (as it is not hot switchable), you would need at least 3 translators within each preset that allow any 1 byte, 2 byte or 3 byte MIDI message. These 3 message types cover about 95% of the messages that MIDI sends (excludes maybe some NRPN, MSC and Sysex) which might require additional translators added,

If you want to test the functionality before buying, you can download a free trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro (times out every 20 minutes) but is otherwise fully functional.

Sounds like it is going to be an interesting setup!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thank you! I am in danger of staying up way too late tonight! Ha ha. I am going to download the trial and see if I can get it to preserve all the MPE signals from the Linnstrument. That of course is a must for me. It sounds like you are confident the software can do all that, but I am not yet confident my brain can make it happen. I'm sure I will be back with more questions.

I’ll be here. Don’t stay up too late.