Can MTP process lyric text?

Is there any way I can get MT Pro to parse midi lyric text and inject it to a target window with some additional emulated keystrokes?


I’m not sure, it may be possible if you know the length of the incoming text. Where is the text coming from? Is it coming from keystrokes or serial data. Could you provide more details with perhaps an example of what you would like to process?

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The length of the lyric text would be variable. The source is a loopMIDI port (though I’m not sure if text events are sent over virtual MIDI ports). But what I want to accomplish is rather simple, just need to send lyric text to a Windows application in real-time.

What is the source application (source end of the loopMIDI port)? I doubt if the application is actually sending text if it is using a MIDI port.

I’m just using Falcosoft Midi Player 5.7. Is sending text events over a MIDI port not standard?

I don’t see anywhere that it can send Lyrics, MIDI or otherwise. Did I miss something?

Midi Player itself has no ability to do anything besides display lyric and other text while the midi is playing. I guess I am SOL.

Where does it get its text to display? Where does it display it?

It reads it from the midi file itself and displays them in a Midi text dialog box. After some research, it is my understanding that midi meta events such as lyric text is not sent over midi ports, so the only application it is accessible is from the midi player itself.

What some people do is add special midi events and create what is called “MIDI show control” or (MSC). Then these events can be used to trigger things like page turns on something like Microsoft PowerPoint that has lyrics.
I see this done at the church I attend. It takes some setting up though. Most of the timer, the song is in something like Ableton Live, and then they add a new MIDI track to send notes on a specific channel to handle page turns.

I ended up writing an ahk script to grab the lyrics from the lyrics window in Midi Player and perform some string operations to place them in clipboard before injecting them into my target app. Thanks for the help.

Yes, AutoHotkey is great for this type of thing.