Can one preset talk to another?

Hi all is it possible to have one preset talk to another?

say Preset A receives CC38 value 127 and translates it to CC8 value 127

can I then send that output to be received to Preset B? If so how would I route that?

Hi, you could do this if you don't user Bome Virtual Ports however I don't recommend that. Bome Virtual Ports will only talk to an external device or application and not to itself. This is primarily done to protect from unwanted MIDI loops.

I would recommend that instead, you set up your translators as follows

Translator 1 - Convert CC38 to CC8 -> Send to your application

Translator 2 - Same input as translator 1 but instead set output to a timer

Translator 3 in Preset B - Timer input with output to whatever you want to do there.

If you want to pass the incoming value from Translator 1 to Translator 3, you will need to use a global variable.


I hope this helps.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Great I’ll give this a try! Thanks Steve