Can only open one application with MTP and have to shut down the app before opening another

Hey folks,
added now a couple midi control shortcuts to my Novation Launchkey to open apps on my Mac Mini.

Turns out, after opening the first app, MTP is kind of “blocked” or “waiting” till I shut down the app I opened via MTP. When I close the app, MTP is working again and also all shortcuts are working … till I open again an app via MTP.

Do I have to pass a param, so MTP is not stuck here?


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Is this true with different applications or just with Brave Browser? It may be that it only will open one instance. If you want Brave Brower to open a web page, maybe you can enter the web page itself and it would open it within your default browser. Alternatively, you can leave the file to execute the same and enter the desired web page as a parameter (in quotes).

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It is also true with other apps (MS ToDo, Sublime Text).

Interestingly, triggering Bome MTP works (puts Bome to the front as active window).

Let’s say after that, I press the following shortcuts:

  1. Sublime Text
  2. Brave
  3. MS ToDo

Sublime Text will open, 2. and 3. not.
The moment I close Sublime Text, Brave/a new Brave window will open.
The moment I close Brave, finally MS ToDo will open (I would also need to close all other Brave windows, no matter if I opened them manually before or via MTP).


Hi Daniel, as mentioned in the other thread, MT uses the open command internally. So instead of going into the application bundle to the actual binary executable, you can run applications by just passing the bundle:

File to Execute:

I think that this should launch the application and return immediately.

For all other cases, see the other thread for more options:

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Alright. The reason why I went into the bundle was using the “Browse”-Button next to the input field, which did not allowed me to select the .app since MacOS recognises the package/folder structure within it, so a bit of a UX challenge here.

indeed… and actually, invoking the binary executable directly should not block the MT execution queue.