Can SSID be a different name than the Bomebox name?

Would love to have SSID for Bomebox being used as access point have a different name? I understand if this is impossible, just thought I’d ask!


Well there is something in the advanced configuration I found where you can set the ESSID to something different than the BomeBox name, however doing this you will be on your own if you have any issues. Be prepared with an network reset thumb drive in case you run into any issues.

I went to advanced setting then to Nework->Wireless and saw SSID Bomebox2 which is the name of my bomeBox

I clicked on Edit and it took me to this page:

I scrolled down to “Interface Configuration” and changed the ESSID From BomeBox2 to BomeBox3 and clicked Save & Apply.

Shortly thereafter, the SSID showed up as BomeBox3 but the BomeBox name remained BomeBox2.

I was able to connect to the wireless interface with my iPhone using SSID BomeBox3.

I hope this helps! If you run into any trouble, do a network reset and stick with the original (non-advanced) configuration.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thx much, will experiment!