Can you connect A+H Xone K2 via ethernet cable?

Hi, first time poster here. Just got my Bome box and hoping to use it to control my Octatrack via midi controllers.

Managed to get my Novation XL connected - took a couple of restarts to get it recognised. I was wondering whether I could also use my Xone K2 via the ethernet port to avoid the need for a USB hub. I see there is some A+H support but I’m not seeing the K2 recognised as a device in the Bome interface connecting over ethernet. I did try enabling the A+H support but I wonder whether it’s support for network attached devices rather than direct than X:LINK.

Many Thanks, Tom

No, the CAT5 connector on the Xone K2 is not ethernet.

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I know that this thread is already over a month old, but I feel that it would be helpful for future users needing help to mention that the RJ45 connections on the Xone K2 controllers and their discontinued siblings the Xone K1 is ultimately a fancy USB hub to be able to Daisy-chain the controllers.

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