Cannot get Bome to capture Midi Message-I REALLY tried before crying for help!

Using Pro Version and a Behringer BCR2000 Controller. It is mapping nicely with Ableton Live on Midi Channel 3. I just want to use my BCR to trigger a keystroke. I am totally baffled as to what I am missing. Cannot seem to Capture Midi. I am upload a few screen shots. The buttons I want to assign to my keystroke I put on a different channel than the ones I use for Live. I really do want to learn here. I think my problem could be my default ports??
I really look forward to some guidance, been a week on this little thing already


Two applications cannot open the same MIDI port on Windows platform at the same time. In order for Bome MIDI Translator to have access to your BCR 2000 you have to disable it in Ableton Live. If you want to capture MIDI and send some through to Ableton Live then you should use one of Bome MIDI Translator’s virtual ports. Then you either use the MIDI router of Bome MIDI Translator to pass through the messages, or create translators to change them as you desire. Once you do this then you should be able to capture other MIDI messages and send Ableton Live keystrokes as as well.

The attached project file demonstrates this in action.

First of all I create aliases as follows. It is always a good idea to use aliases instead of physical ports to make your project more flexible in the future. I’m using EC4-V2 but you should use BCR2000.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Then I create MIDI thru paths to let MIDI through in both directions.


I set up Ableton Live to monitor Send and Receive MIDI from BMT 1 Virtual port.



I set up MIDI MIDI port selection at the preset level. This is to prevent the same MIDI message generated by Ableton Live to trigger the keystroke.


For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

I use the first translator for the incoming trigger. With the outgoing action of a keystroke with a 10 ms delay.

In the rules of the first translator, I call a perform action to focus Ableton live. That is the reason I added a 10ms delay on the keystroke. This gives time for the focus to complete before sending the keystroke.


Perform is a new rule, trigger and action available only on MT Pro 1.9.1 and above.

The second translator handled Ableton Live Focus.


So in essence, now that Bome MIDI Translator Pro has complete access to your BCR2000 you can route all MIDI message through it and decide what actually gets to Ableton Live.

You can now add translators to handle other MIDI messages as well and their own outgoing action,

MIDI-thru+keystroke.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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Hey Mate. You are so kind to give this in depth response. I will get on it!!