Can't connect to Bomebox hotspot after network reset

Hi I can’t connect to the Bomebox network after the network reset. I can see the network on my phone but I can’t join, it is just spinning.


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Is it just spinning when trying to connect to your network SSID?

This is usually an indication that the network reset did not work because perhaps the network password is not set correctly

Or does it connect but you can’t get to it with your Browser on your phone? This can usually be fixed by clearing your browser cache.

Can you get to it with ethernet from a different device? Maybe we could look at the web page from there to see what is going on. The easiest way to discover the IP address on ethernet is to use the Bome Network Tool on a PC.

Another question, is the power light of your BomeBox solid or is it blinking? If continuously blinking after a few minutes, it may be that the power source is insufficient.

You can also try “forgetting” the connection on your phone and then try again.

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Hi Steve

Thanks for welcoming me

I suspect it is the network reset that may have caused the issue. I only have a 32gb memory stick so it could be that I guess. I tried connecting an ethernet cable from my Mac to the Bomebox but I wansn’t able to connect via a browser.

the network tool doesn’t discover the bomebox, even though the wifi on the laptop is showing at connected to the Bomebox


Yes, from this it tells me the network reset probably did not work. Try another thumb drive (smaller is better) and make sure the serial number matches that on the bottom of the box exactly. On Windows do not hide extensions as if you do it is possible the file was saved as filename.txt.txt instead of filename.txt .

Also make sure you use number zero 0 instead of letter Oh (O) in the file name. Leading zeros are important as well.

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Ok, I’ve tried resetting with a brand new 8GB drive. I’ve created the filename as per the format required. When I try to connect on my phone, it still doesn’t connect. It sometimes says “Unable to connect”

The power looks good, solid green.

Can you connect via WiFi or ethernet on any device at all? I assume you WiFi LED is turned on on your BomeBox. If not press the WiFi button until it comes on.

Can you see the SSID of your BomeBox on your phone or any other WiFi device?

When trying to connect via ethernet and you Mac, are there any other network devices attached to your Mac? If so disable all other networks. This should allow the Mac to go to APIPA mode and it should connect with your BomeBox via ethernet? If it doesn’t, maybe you can ask a friend to try it on one of his or her devices.

Also, could you PM or email me a picture of the sticker on your BomeBox and a copy of the reset file you are using?

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I’ll be honest here, I’ve only got the energy really for 1 more try at this. Otherwise, I am going to have to cut my losses and just bin it, or sell it on ebay as parts not working. Wouldn’t it have been better to have had a hardware reset button?

Hi, and thanks for your patience. If you hook up you BomeBox directly via ethernet to your Mac you should be able to connect like shown below.

After connecting the cable turn off WiFi on your Mac and then go to the network settings and you should see something like the below:

You Computer should now be connected in APIPA mode and you can find the IP address of your BomeBox here.

Bome Network should also automatically discover it as shown below:

If you click on the BomeBox Name you should see the address as shown below:

Or you can click on the globe icon and BomeBox will open in your browser.

You should now be able to login and change your network settings as needed.

Please make sure on the main page the serial number matches that of the sticker on the bottom of the BomeBox.

If it doesn’t match, let me know and we can arrange a replacement.

If it does match go to Setting then Wifi and set it up.

Or to a factory reset.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Also make sure your country code is set correctly for WiFi.

Hi @boosmith , very sorry to read of these continuous problems.

Has the BomeBox worked before?
Was there a particular reason you wanted to reset the network?
During network reset, the power LED goes off for 1 second during booting. That’s how you can verify that the reset was executed (you can do that as often as you like).

After reset, please power cycle the BomeBox (without thumb drive).

And if all of Steve’s suggestions still fail, we can certainly repair or replace your BomeBox. We’ll do so for free (excluding postage, which we reimburse if we can confirm that it’s a faulty BomeBox).

It is very rare that a BomeBox is faulty, so it’s the last possibility we think of when helping you here.

Please let us know. Thanks.

PS: yes, this reset mechanism is strange, but because a BomeBox can be configured quite extensively, it could destroy an entire live show if someone accidentally or maliciously resets the show BomeBoxes.

If the BomeBox is not automatically discovered. Make sure Bome Network is set to port 37000. You can find this setting by pressing the gear iCON on the Bome Network tool and then going to Network Settings.

Thank you for the assistance and apologies for the radio silence, I had been too busy to look into this.

Good news, it is now working! I am not sure exactly why but I managed to get the ethernet working. I could then see that there was no Wi-fi password set which is why I could see the SSID of the Bomebox but could not join the network…
Anyway, all good now and I apologise for getting a bit shirty on the thread, I was just pulling my hair out!

Looking forward to working with this now!
Best wishes

that’s great to read! Thanks for letting us know.