Can't figure out how use connect QWERTY keyboard to BIAS FX

Hi. I am having trouble routing my computer keyboard as a midi foot pedal to BIAS FX 2. I just can’t seem to figure out where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have BIAS FX, however it should be possible. Keep in mind however that any incoming keystrokes WILL NOT be ignored so if the keystroke also performs a function, it may interrupt with the flow of your operation. What is the incoming keystroke you want to use and what is the outgoing MIDI? Does you BIAS FX application have a way to select the proper incoming MIDI port?

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Also it appears that MIDI is only supported on BIAS FX Pro and Elite Versions and not on standard version.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for replying. I have the elite version of Bias and I believe that the way to select incoming input channels is with CC. However, when I want to configure it, nothing is detected. That is why I thought to use your products, but I can’t understand what to do.



According to their website, they can indeed be configured to detect MIDI. If using Bome MIDI Translator Pro for keystroke input to MIDI output, you would likely need to need to assign assign a translator input to a keystroke and MIDI to a virtual MIDI output port such as Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1. Then in BIAS, define you input port as “BMT 1” which is the virtual ports short name (if short names are configured in MT Pro).

The following project file is an example where pushing the Num 1 key on the extended keypad down will send a MIDI CC 22 with value of 127 and releasing the same key will send the MIDI CC 22 with a value of 0.

As I mentioned before, the original keystrokes on your computer will not be suppressed so I would really instead recommend getting a low cost MIDI controller instead of your keyboard to control MIDI applications unless you can tolerate getting the keystrokes in addition to the MIDI messages. Alternately just make sure any keystrokes you program for input are not used for anything else on your computer.

KeyStroke to MIDI.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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Thank you so much Steve! I’ve been trying to solve this for nearly a month and now I found the solution!

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