Can't make midi translator classic work

First, some background to explain my needs.

I'm trying to use a Nektar Impact GX61 MIDI controller with Ableton Live. The controller works good but the customizable input buttons seem only to work with a momentary behaviour and not a toggle behaviour (see this for further explaination This makes impossible to use them as a track arm switch. The only toggle command available is "program change", but Ableton Live does not support it ( So I'm trying to use Midi translator classic to translate a program change input to a random keyboard output and use it to arm tracks.


Now, back to topic. I installed Midi translator classic. If I understood the manual, I need a virtual midi device to connect the output from the program to Ableton Live. I installed LoopBe1, the only one still available from the list. I set up the program using Nectar gx61 as input and LoopBe Internal MIDI as output. Then i set up Ableton Live to use LoopBe Internal MIDI as input.

Well, the translation works great (the midi channel triggers the keyboard button, in win and in Ableton Live as well) but all the other MIDI data is blocked and does not pass through to Ableton. In the lower virtual monitor, the MIDI in flashes on but the MIDI out does not.


Any suggestion?

Hi, if you check MIDI Thru, any incoming message will be passed to the outcoming port. The only thing that will show in the log however is those items you have translators for. So if you set up a translator with MIDI in of oo pp qq and MIDI out of oo pp qq. Then you will see all 3 byte MIDI messages in your log window.

If you want a way to use Bome to change from momentary to toggle, then it takes rules and global variables which are only available in Bome MIDI Translator Pro.


Here is a link to summary of differences.


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