Chamsys MQ70 and Bome

Working to connect my Chamsys MQ70 lighting console to receive midi triggers from an existing Bome network. Any tips or advice are appreciated!


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I believe the MQ70 supports both MIDI DIN and USB MIDI. Are you connected to a BomeBox, Mac, iOS device or PC? If it supports USB MIDI you should be able to see the available port in the list of ports using the Bome Network Tool or on the BomeBox ports page if attached to BomeBox. From the user manual, it appears that you can assign various MIDI messages to macros or functions so it would be just a matter of using the Bome Network (or BomeBox) MIDI router to your MQ70 and then using either MIDI learn or setting up a mapping file for the functions you need.

What MIDI controller are you looking to use? Most MIDI controllers will send notes, and CC messages but if you need MSC (MIDI Show Control) you could use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to convert supported messages from your controller to the MSC commands you need on your lighting console.

It also looks like the MQ70 has MIDI DIN connectors so on a PC or Mac you could use a MIDI DIN to USB converter to connect instead of USB. Be sure you invest in a high quality one as some of the cheaper ones have trouble passing longer MIDI messages.
Of course the BomeBox already has a pair of MIDI DIN connectors so all you would need is the MIDI cables to connect to your lighting console.

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