Change midi channel?

Ok, so I am really new to using bome midi control and have been reading the manual, watching videos and lurking in the forums trying to find a simple way to assign a set of triggers to different midi channels, but maybe that's not even what I need, so instead of spending hours trying to do something I might not even need I thought I'd hit the forums.

I am using ableton live 10, in windows 10, with 2 launchpads, 3 APC40's, and 1 komplete kontrol 88 which I have set up in ableton. These take up the main midi device inputs in ableton.

I am also using MTP to control a Nektar footswitch(which I have set up and is working fine) and 3 launch controls(the small ones)

I am mapping the knobs of the launch control to aux sends so that a musician can control their own headphones mix, and that is fine, no problems there, but I am also attempting to map the note on/off pads to turn certain aux tracks on and off.

When I do this it it also maps two pads on the APC40 and the Kontrol88. So I changed the Kontrol88 to midi channel 2 and that worked, but I'm not sure how to go about not having it conflict with APC40. I feel like there is some super simple way to fix this and I'm just not seeing it.

Please forgive my ignorance of midi, I'm sorry if this has already been a topic, and any help is appreciated :)

I use launchcontrol the user presets and remap them to everything accept CH1 and 16.

it depends on what u use as control surface for the launchcontrols.

if I want full control i just don\'t use the control surface script...




Well if I remember, the APC40s are sending on multiple channels  1-8. So probably best to avoid those channels for manual mapping.  When you are doing manual mapping, then Ableton Live does not care or know which controller it is coming from so you need to ensure the Launch controls are sending unique values (not used by any other attached controller).

With that, maybe you could translate Launch Control 1 to send on MIDI channel 9, Launch Control 2 on MIDI Channel 10 and Launch Control 3 on MIDI Channel 11.  (actually I think the factory templates 1,2, and 3 already do that so set up each unit to use a different template.)


You could probably program the user modes using the Launch Control Editor to do this or just leave them all programmed the same and use Bome MIDI Translator to do the translations for you.  You should probably have any MIDI remote script turned off in Ableton Live for this (unless you are using for something else).

Now just make sure that no other controllers send on MIDI channels 9-11 and you should be all set.


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