Change outgoing MIDI CH with CC

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I’m trying to set up a project that will change all the midi output of a device to specific midi channels selected with a button using CC.

The set up is like this:

Press button CC53 = all midi from device outputs to channel 1
Press button CC45 = all midi from device outputs to channel 2
Press button CC37 = all midi from device outputs to channel 3

I’ve watched some tutorials and read other forum posts but I’m still slightly confused.

Any pointers welcome.

I guess you figured it out while I was working on a solution. I’ve included it below.

I’ve set up my aliases as follows:

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

For Preset 0, I have my input set as alias ‘Channel Changer’ and output left alone.

For Preset 1, I have my input set up as alias ‘My Controller’ and output as ‘Application’

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

I preset 0, I set up a translator to set the value of global variable ga to be the desired MIDI channel.

In preset 1, I set up two translators. One handles 2 byte MIDI message and the other, 3 byte MIDI messages. In both cases I have rules to change the desired outgoing channel to the value of ga.

Then to handle one byte and SysEX messages, I have a MIDI through route.

The channel change message translators, have the ‘Swallow’ option set so that they will not go through the MIDI thru route.


Channnel-Change-w-CC.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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Hi Steve

Thank you very much. Lots of information there, I’ll go through this and see what I can learn from it. :pray: