Changing global MIDI channel with designated buttons from the same MIDI controller( AKAI Midimix)

Hi All I am using 1 controller (AKAI midimix )and what I need to do is to designate 8 hard buttons on it( in this case the mute buttons) ,so when I push lets say the first one all my sliders are sending out on channel 1. when I push the second button then all the midi info goes out on channel 2 and so on. can please let me know how to do that. In this case , I need all my sliders and pots but I am planning to use the mute buttons 1 to 8 to change the MIDI channels. All the Midi info is the same for all the outputs ,ALL I need to change is the midi channels ,so I can program my software on different computers to its according MIDI channels.Thanks

Please let me know how to do this. much appreciated. George


Hi George,

I believe this is duplicate post so please delete it. You are the only one that can delete and existing thread that you started.


Not sure because I’ve never deleted any however I’m told that if you create the post, only you can delete it. I wouldn’t worry about it.