Changing one note on into another


Just bought Bome Midi Translator Pro. Main reason is to do a custom set-up of my new iCon Platform M+/connected with Platform B+. (I work with Cubase Pro 11 on an iMac Catalina).
On the B+ there are a lot of (note on) command, and I want to change the physical place the assigned buttons on the gear and changing some by other commands (on the iCon-software this is not possible; iCon support can’t really help; so I bought Bome!).

I tried to program this in Bome (see screenshot attached): "when pressing note X use note Y’. Can’t find out what is wrong in my programming.
By the way: Translator 7 in this preset does work (it’s changing a note on into a keystroke). But changing note on into another note on does not.
Do you have an idea?
Thanks a lot and merry christmas!

Hi @gert-5534. thanks for your purchase and welcome to the forum!

My guess is you have not defined the output port in your project file or that you do not have Cubase looking at the right MIDI input port.

I would suggest you look at the first 2 Bome MIDI Translator tutorials in our series and if still stumpt post your project file and come back here if you have any questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Dear Steve,
Thanks for your answer!
Yes, I watched all turorial video’s but can’t find the answer. Sending key commands is no problem, but midi notes do not react.
Enclosed you’ll find my project file. This one I tried to add a second virtual port (first attempt was with only one virtual port), but that didn’t change anything.
Of course I must miss something, but don’t know what…
Thanks for your help!
Best, GertiCon Platform B.bmtp (8.3 KB)

Hi, I tried it with translator 0.9 and 0.0 and they both worked perfectly. Do you have your aliases set up to point to your platform B? Since I don’t have a platform B. I set my aliases up this way.


Here is a screenshot of the log.

Check your ports at the project level to ensure they are open. On Windows, you cannot share input ports or output ports. They can only be used by one application. If you need multiple applications to open a given MIDI port, use the MIDI router in MT Pro and have your other applications use one of the virtual ports you are routing to or from instead of the original port.

Thanks Steve, this helps!
My fault was that I selected both Platform AND Bome in BOTH input and output. Changing this in the ‘input=plataform’ and ‘output=bome’ made this work.

Happy new year!

Great, glad you got it working.

This video may also help for the future.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: